Top 50% of the World's "ML Cup"
Release Date:Mar.02,2021
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In the "Math League" thinking exploration activity of the United States in 2020, students in our school's elite class performed well. 11 students rank the top 50% of the world's students. Among them, Qiu Zihao, a senior two student ranked in the top 8% of the world students with a high score of 130 points. Wu Peixuan, a freshman in senior high school, participated in the 9th-12th grade group competition as a 10th grade student and won the top 25% Certificate in the world.


Top 8% in the world: Senior Two: Qiu Zihao

Top 25% in the world: Senior Two: Li Zijian, Zhong Haoyan, Sun Jia; senior one Wu Peixuan

Top 50% in the world: Senior Two: Wang Shuheng, Li Jie; Senior one: Tao Xin, he Junyi, Guo Junlin, Liu Haokun

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